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Mistakes You’re Making at Home That Could Be Affecting Your Roof

A home is only as good as the team of people who worked on it the day it was being built. Sadly, if top-notch roofing standards weren't met during the time of construction, there could be compromised areas of your roof.

Some of the most expensive and time-consuming home repair projects involve roof repair or roof replacement. These undertakings can cause stress to any homeowner. Roofing services from a reputable, knowledgeable company can be costly when an issue isn’t addressed in a timely manner. In fact, the average cost of roof repair services is about $985, according to Roofer’s Guild. To avoid roofing issues in the first place, follow the simple guidelines below to protect it.

Unnecessary Roof Leaks

This is one of the most common issues regarding overall roof health. Many homeowners are unaware that they even have a leak or numerous leaks until it’s become a major problem. But how do these leaks occur? There are a number of ways.

The most common reason for a leak is the age of the roof. Most roofs aren’t made to last more than 30 years, according to Stansell Agency. Some even have a shorter life than that, based on the materials they were built with and depending on how much harsh weather you have in your area. Extremely wet and cold areas can cause major damage to roofs over time. Likewise, severe heat in the summer can cause premature wear and tear on roofing shingles, which are your first line of defense against leaks.

Be sure to inspect your roof periodically. It’s recommended to check your attic area during particularly rainy or snowy times of the year. Hire someone who provides roofing services to perform an inspection; it’s important to work with someone who knows what’s going on in the areas you don’t commonly see or spend time on.

Poor Attic Ventilation

Insufficient ventilation in your attic area can cause a number of issues related to your roof. When air isn’t allowed to freely move through the attic, it can cause a build-up of moisture and mold that leads to rotted wood. Rotting wood can cause a compromised roofing system and may weaken the joists that support your roof.

Proper attic ventilation is one of the most essential components of optimal function and longevity for your roofing system. Proper ventilation should involve having a balance between exhaust and intake, sealed air leaks, and adequate venting from washers and dryers as well as bathroom fans. You should also have the ideal amount of insulation in your attic. Any deviation from these important items can cause possible wood rot and mold.

Ice Dams

Ice dams can be very destructive and harmful to the overall health of your roof. If you live in a colder and wetter climate, chances are you’ve dealt with ice dams in the past. You may not have even realized you had them, but they are fairly common.

The issue that makes ice dams so unsafe for your roof is the build-up of ice at the base of your roof. This eventually melts and the water from the ice seeps into the base of the roof. This can also cause moisture and leaks underneath your shingles. It’s important to educate yourself about the dangers that ice dams can cause to your roof; that way, you can hire a professional to remedy the situation before it develops into an expensive roof repair.

Poor Construction and Workmanship When Your Home Was Built

A home is only as good as the team of people who worked on it the day it was being built. Sadly, if top-notch roofing standards weren’t met during the time of construction, there could be compromised areas of your roof. Components being installed improperly or parts of the roof not being flush when it was built can lead to leaks and other types of damage.

If you suspect there might be leaking issues or poor ventilation, it’s advisable to have a professional come inspect your roof. They’ll know what to look for on top of your roof and within the inside of your attic. It’s worth the price of the inspection to find any small issues before they become major ones.

Trust a professional company to provide the roofing services you need to ensure a sturdy roof that lasts! Good roofers will give you a free estimate and know exactly what to look for when deciding if your roof needs repair now or further down the road. To schedule an appointment, contact The Roof Doctor today.

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