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How To Detect and Address Roof Leaks Early

Keep your home dry and damage-free! Our latest article walks you through the steps to detect, address, and prevent roof leaks with easy-to-follow tips and advice from your trusted professionals at The Roof Doctor. Read on for everything you need to know for a healthy roof check-up!

Roofing Safety: Best Practices for DIY Maintenance

Learn how to safely and successfully manage your DIY roofing projects with essential tips on proper safety gear, weather considerations, and when to call in the professionals. Read on for the guidance you need to tackle roof maintenance with confidence as a homeowner.

Flat Roof Versus Pitched Roof: Which Is Best For Your Building?

Choosing the Right Roof Just Got Easier! Explore our expert breakdown of flat versus pitched roofs to see which is the smartest choice for your property. Find out which roof type stands up to your local climate, fits your aesthetic desires, and meets your budget. Make an informed decision with guidance from the trusted professionals at The Roof Doctor!

The Ultimate Guide to Roof Insulation & Energy Savings

At The Roof Doctor, we know that energy efficient roofs matter. Getting it right means saving money, ensuring year-round comfort, and contributing to a healthier planet. Imagine your home’s roof as a hat in winter; if it’s not snug, heat escapes, and you feel cold. Roof insulation acts like that snug hat for your house. It keeps the warmth in during winter and out during summer, making your home more comfortable and reducing those hefty energy bills. In this article, we’ll explore choosing and installing the right type of insulation as a key step to boost your home’s energy efficiency while creating a more comfortable living space.

The Future of Roofing: Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Options

Eco-friendly and sustainable roofing is becoming a top choice for homeowners and businesses alike as they aim to reduce their environmental impact and save on energy costs. As roofing materials have evolved, we’re seeing an increase in options that not only last longer but also help keep our planet healthy. From recycled metal roofs to solar panels and green roofs, the current trend is clear: roofing is heading in a greener direction. At The Roof Doctor, we’re excited to help you find the perfect eco-friendly roof option that fits your needs and supports a healthier environment.

Innovative Roofing Aesthetics for Modern Homes

Selecting the right roof design can significantly enhance your home’s look and functionality. Modern roof ideas and innovative roofing solutions play a key role in turning a house into a dream home. This article explores the latest roofing materials, designs, and trends that are shaping the roofing industry. With a focus on sustainability, technology, and style, we aim to equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions for your roofing projects. The Roof Doctor is here to share our expert insights on how contemporary roof styles can elevate your living space and protect your investment. Let’s explore some modern roofing options that will make your home stand out!

Is Solar Worth it in Washington State

Thinking about switching to solar in Washington State? Dive into this article from your expert guides at The Roof Doctor, where we explore the real costs, benefits, and incentives of solar energy. Read on to see how solar can be a game-changer for your home or business.

Explore the Top 10 Roof Types: Your Ultimate Roofing Guide (2024)

Choosing the right roof is an important decision for any homeowner or business owner. The roof you opt for not only impacts the aesthetics of your property but also its durability and maintenance in the face of nature’s elements. With the advancement in roofing technology, the array of choices has expanded, offering a variety to pick from. This comprehensive guide aims to explore the top ten roofing types, providing you with all the information you need to make the choice that benefits you the most.

Asphalt Shingles

Overview and Popularity

Asphalt shingles are among the most popular roofing materials in America. They are made from a fiberglass base topped with mineral granules and asphalt.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Advantages:
    • Cost-effective: Generally more affordable compared to other roofing materials.
    • Variety of colors and styles: Available in a wide array of colors and styles to complement your property.
    • Ease of Installation: Asphalt shingles are relatively easy to install, thus reducing labor costs.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Lifespan: Typically lasts 20 to 30 years, which is shorter compared to materials like metal or slate.
    • Environmental Concerns: Not as eco-friendly due to its petroleum content and the fact that it’s not easily recyclable.

Ideal Climate and Cost

Asphalt shingles fare well in a variety of climates and are particularly good in resisting hail and wind damage. They are a budget-friendly option at an average cost of $4.50 – $12.00, making them popular among homeowners.

Metal Roofing

Types of Metal Roofing

Metal roofs come in various types including steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc, each having its unique set of benefits. The metal sheets or tiles are lightweight, durable, and recyclable.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Advantages:
    • Longevity: Metal roofs can last upwards of 50 years with proper maintenance.
    • Energy Efficiency: Reflects solar heat, reducing cooling costs in summer.
    • Fire Resistant: Metal roofing materials are highly resistant to fire.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Cost: Initial installation cost is higher compared to asphalt shingles.
    • Noise: Can be noisy during rain and hail storms.

Ideal Climate and Cost

Metal roofs are excellent for hot, sunny climates as they reflect solar heat. While the initial cost is higher, at an average cost of $5.00 – $17.00 per square foot, the long-term durability makes it a cost-effective choice over time.

Clay and Concrete Tiles

Durability and Longevity

Both clay and concrete tiles are known for their durability, with a life expectancy of over 50 years. They are made from natural clay or concrete molded into shape, offering a traditional aesthetic.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Advantages:
  • Disadvantages:
    • Weight: They are significantly heavier, requiring a sturdy roof framing.
    • Cost: Higher initial cost compared to asphalt shingles and metal roofing.

Ideal Climate and Cost

Clay and concrete tiles are suitable for warm climates and can withstand high temperatures without deteriorating. They are a higher-cost option due to both material and installation costs, which can range from $8.00 to $22.00 per square foot. 

Slate Roofing

Natural Material Advantage

Slate is a natural stone material known for its longevity and distinctive appearance.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Advantages:
    • Lifespan: A well-maintained slate roof can last over 100 years.
    • Fire Resistant: Offers excellent fire resistance.
    • Aesthetic Appeal: Provides a sophisticated and natural look.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Cost: Among the most expensive roofing materials.
    • Weight: Requires a robust roof framing due to its weight.

Ideal Climate and Cost

Slate performs well in various climates and is especially good in areas with high temperatures or fire-prone regions. The initial cost is high, at an average of $15.00 – $25.00 per square foot, but is offset by its longevity.

Wood Shingles and Shake

Traditional Aesthetic Appeal

Wood shingles and shakes offer a traditional and natural aesthetic appeal, with wood shakes being thicker and more rustic compared to shingles.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Advantages:
    • Natural Look: Provides a rustic or tailored appearance based on the style.
    • Insulation Properties: Offers better insulation compared to asphalt shingles.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Maintenance: Requires regular maintenance to prevent moss and algae growth.
    • Fire Resistance: Unless treated, wood roofs have low fire resistance.

Ideal Climate and Cost

Wood roofs suit a variety of climates but require more maintenance in moist climates to prevent decay. They are mid-range in terms of cost at an average of $5.00 – $8.50.

Synthetic Roofing Materials


Synthetic roofing materials encompass rubber, plastic, and polymer roofing, offering a modern alternative to traditional materials.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Advantages:
    • Durability: Resistant to weathering and other environmental factors.
    • Variety of Styles: Mimic natural materials like slate and wood.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Longevity: Not as long-lasting as traditional materials.

Ideal Climate and Cost

Synthetic roofing suits a wide range of climates and is less expensive compared to natural materials like slate or wood. Ranges between $6.00 to $8.00 per square foot. 

Flat and Low Slope Roofing Options


Includes built-up roof (BUR), modified bitumen, and single-ply membranes like TPO and EPDM.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Advantages:
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Generally less expensive to install.
    • Accessibility: Easier to access for maintenance.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Drainage Issues: Prone to water pooling and leakage if not properly installed.

Ideal Climate and Cost

Best for dry climates to prevent water accumulation. They are an affordable choice for many property owners.

Green Roofing

Environmental Benefits

Green, also known as “living,” roofs have a layer of vegetation that provides insulation and absorbs rainwater.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Ideal Climate and Cost

Suited for urban areas and a variety of climates, though the initial investment is higher, approximately $25.00 to $30.00 per square foot, due to the installation of vegetation.

Solar Tiles

Energy Efficiency

Solar tiles generate electricity, reducing reliance on the grid and lowering electricity bills.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Advantages:
    • Energy Savings: Can significantly reduce electricity bills.
    • Aesthetic Appeal: More appealing compared to traditional solar panels.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Cost: High initial investment.

Ideal Climate and Cost

Best suited for sunny climates. Despite the high initial cost, around $21.00 – $25.00 per square foot, the savings over time can be substantial.

Emerging Roofing Technologies

Reflective and Cool Roofing

New materials reflect more sunlight, reducing heat absorption and cooling costs.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Advantages:
    • Energy Efficiency: Reduces cooling costs during summer.
    • Environmental Impact: Lower carbon footprint.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Cost: May have higher initial costs.

Ideal Climate and Cost

Best suited for hot, sunny climates. The cost, at an average of $0.50 – $4.50 per square foot (on top of initial roofing costs) may be higher initially, but can lead to long-term savings. 

Closing Up

Now you’re all caught up. Whether you’re leaning toward traditional asphalt shingles or considering exploring emerging roofing technologies, you have all you need to make an informed decision. You have all the knowledge required to factor in your local climate, overall budget, and consider the style you’d like for your home, but what now? You know what you want, but how do you begin? Have no fear—that’s where we come in! 

Why Choose the Roof Doctor? 

The Roof Doctor is your reliable partner in all things roofing. With over 60 years of experience, we offer tailored solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Reach out to us for any and all of your roofing needs; we want to ensure that your roof remains a steadfast protector of your cherished spaces! From Bremerton to Olympia, we’ve got you covered. Your roof, our priority!

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