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Sick of your leaky roof? The Roof Doctor will take care of it!

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You’ll sleep better at night knowing that your property is safe from water damage and mold caused by a leaky roof. A clean bill of health for a quality roof means peace of mind for you!

A House Call From The Roof Doctor Will Restore The Health Of Your Roof In Milton, WA

A watertight roof is critical to the upkeep and maintenance of your home. Moisture is a constant in Western Washington, and it doesn’t take long for mold and water damage to set in. Our specialist roofing team’s maintenance services will make your sick, leaky roof healthy again–fast!

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What’s going on with your roof?

Here are some of the most common symptoms we see:

Roof Leaks

If you have water damage or leaks in your attic or on your ceiling, your roof likely has a leak. This can be due to storm damage or an unmaintained roof.


Usually caused by storms, trees, or pests, holes can lead to weather exposure and damage.


Pests are ingenious at finding the weak spots of your roof to shelter in. They can cause damage such as rot, fires, bad smells, and holes.


If you have a shingle roof, a blistering shingle is a sign that your roof likely has a problem. Shingles that are wet or curled, cracked, or gone indicate that your roof needs repair.

From Dave's of Milton Restaraunt to Milton Community Park The Roof Doctor is here to serve your Milton roof repair needs. We’re proud to continue our legacy of delivering high-quality roofing services across Pierce County and the greater Puget Sound area.

The Roof Doctor

Milton’s “Family Practice” For Over 60 Years

Our founder began his roofing career in the 1950s, working afternoons after early dismissal from high school.

More than sixty years and many thousands of happy home and business owners later, The Roof Doctor is Milton’s most trusted roofing company, and our teams of skilled professionals are “on call” for any and all of your roof maintenance or roof replacement needs.


What began as a hard-working high-school kid’s side hustle way back in the 1950s has grown into one of Washington’s largest roofing contractors, with offices in seven cities.

The Roof Doctor is still owned and operated by the Slater family, and our generations of experience, unmatched expertise, and commitment to providing superior value and the highest quality service keep us on top of our industry!


More Than Just A Band-Aid–We Offer Roof Repairs That Last

It’s never been easier to get professional roof repair for all types of roofing in Milton. Our roofing specialists will make a house call, diagnose your needs, and schedule your service. Most of our repair jobs are completed in just 1-2 days!

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The Roof Doctor offers 24/7 emergency repair service. We bring the “ER” (Emergency Roofing) to you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free estimates?

How much does a roof repair cost?

Can I stay in my house while getting my roof repaired?

I’m putting my house on the market–should I repair the roof first?

How long does a roof repair take?

When should a roof be repaired?

Do you offer free estimates?
Yes, we do! We can typically provide you with an estimate for our service within 48 business hours. To learn why we are Milton’s most trusted roofers, contact us today!
How much does a roof repair cost?
For this one, the Roof Doctor will need to do a check-up! The cost of a roof repair varies depending on the extent of the damage and whether it is metal roofing, composite, or shake. You can contact our roofing experts for a free estimate!
Can I stay in my house while getting my roof repaired?
Yes, you can! It is completely up to you if you would like to stay home during the 1-2 days a typical roof repair takes.
I’m putting my house on the market–should I repair the roof first?
If you're planning on selling your home, it's a great idea to have our roofing experts install a new roof before you sell. According to Millionacres, 39% of realtors highly recommend that homeowners have a new roof installed before even listing their homes on the market. The same report found that 33% of realtors believe replacing your roof helps close the house sale.
How long does a roof repair take?
Most of our new roof installations can be completed the same day the project is started. Contact our team of expert roofers to learn more!
When should a roof be repaired?
As soon as damage becomes apparent! Untreated leaks can lead to worse property damage down the road. If you believe your home is in need of a roof repair, call The Roof Doctor today and speak to one of our expert roofers!

The Roof Doctor Has All Of Milton’s Roofing Needs Covered

The Roof Doctor in Milton is prepared and ready for any roofing job you need, from roof inspections to leak repairs and more!


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