Tips to Transform Your Home With a New Roof

Did you purchase a home with a roof color you hate? Did you recently repaint or replace siding on your home, and now your home’s exterior walls don’t match your roof? Choose a new color and material for your roof with these transformative tips.

Work With the Roof You Have

You may dream of a red clay tile roof, but your expansive roof makes a clay roof impractical. The color of a red clay roof overcomes all of the other aspects of the home when there’s too much roof and not enough house. On a too-large roof, clay tiles look clumsy and bossy at the same time.

The above is one example of your dream roofing style clashing with your home’s reality. Metal, clay, copper, slate, and traditional asphalt all have their place on the right roof. However, some roofing options may be the wrong choice for your home based on color, looks, and performance.

Work with your roofing contractor to explore all of the color and material options that will work on your home. Roofing experts have tools to help you visualize the colors and styles of roofing materials that work best for your roofing type.

Enhance the Existing Architecture

Metal roofs work for a variety of home styles. Today’s metal roofs are available in a variety of colors, so you aren’t as limited in roofing color choices as you are for clay tile or shake/shingle roofs. Standing seam roofs are a practical choice due to their durability and leak-proof joints.

Copper roofing panels take metal roofs to the next level. Copper roofs can last 100 years or more, so they’re a good choice for stone and brick homes that won’t undergo future exterior siding changes.

Slate roofs are ideal for cottage- and castle-style homes. French country homes are also enhanced with slate roofing. Slate roofs were sometimes colored in bold hues, although today’s slate roofs tend to be made in colors from dark gray to blue-gray to light gray.

Clay roofs work well on Mediterranean and Spanish-style architecture. Clay tile also complements residential architectural styles including:

  • Mission
  • Italianate
  • Romanesque
  • Adobe
  • Bungalow
  • Arts and Crafts

Coastal Modern, Tudor, contemporary, traditional, and transitional homes all get a boost from a well-chosen new asphalt roof. Classic asphalt shingles work on nearly any home but can appear bland if the roof color does not coordinate well with the home.

Explore Updated Roofing Options

Today’s roofing products are available in vintage designs that are made with more durable materials. One example of updated historical shingles are the wood-look shingles made of terra-cotta tile, plastics, and recycled rubber.

Homes across North America were once built with hand-hewn, sawn, curved, and stained wooden shingles and shakes. The new composite or clay shingle products give superior roof coverage with the retro look homeowners want.

Homes that look good with wood shingles or shakes include those with the following architecture:

  • California Ranch
  • Colonial
  • Victorian
  • Cape Cod
  • Queen Anne

Northwest Western cedar homes and other camp-style homes also benefit from the wood-shingle look.

Consider the Setting

Step back and look at your home from the driveway, from the neighbor’s house (with permission, of course), and as you drive through your neighborhood. How does the roof appear now?

Are there patchy spots, missing shingles, and stains? A failing roof is noticeable if all of the other roofs are in good shape on your street. Now imagine your roof with a new color. The new color will be just as noticeable as the bad spots on your roof are to passersby and neighbors.

If your home has always had a boring light-colored roof that makes your home seem more institutional than homey, imagine how the roof will appear with a deep brown, forest green, or charcoal gray roof. Will your home stand out in a good way or a bad way?

Look at the homes adjacent to your home. Will your new roof color make your home look too bold and wacky? Will a new roof color make your home fade into the background and seem like a cookie cutter version of the neighbors’ homes?

Select a roofing color that’s somewhere in the middle of the above two extremes. You want a color that gives your home a classy look without stripping the home of its architectural strong points. Remember that darker colors tend to accentuate the roof, while lighter colored shingles take the focus away from the roof. A lighter-colored roof can often make a home seem larger than it is.

If your home has stone elements, shingles, or contrasting trim, choose a roof color that matches one of the colors of these accent hues. Match colored roofs and architectural elements to help pull a home’s exterior look together without looking too fussy or chaotic.

Schedule installation of your new roof in the Pacific Northwest by contacting The Roof Doctor right away. We offer repairs and replacement of residential roofs in Olympia, Chehalis, Longview, Tacoma, and throughout Western Washington State.

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    Ivy Baker


    I have been thinking about getting a new roof this year. I liked what you said about how I should think about what roofing material would look good with my roof. That is smart because I wouldn’t want the roof to affect my home’s curb appeal in a bad way.


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    Taylor Hansen


    I like how you mentioned finding updated roofing options. My roof is getting old and I need to have a new one installed soon. Your tips will help me choose the right style for my house.


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