Need a New Mobile Home Roof? A Guide to Your Options

Mobile Home Roof - Tumwater, WA – the Roof DoctorWhen your mobile home roof becomes too corroded to protect your home from the outdoor elements properly, you’ll need to replace it. If you have never replaced or updated your mobile home roof before, then you may wonder what your new roof options are.

Read on to learn about just a few of your mobile home roof options to help you choose a new roof that protects your home and family well without breaking your budget. 

Roof Replacement or Roof Over

While a roofing expert can remove your mobile home’s existing roof before replacing it with a new one, some new mobile home roofs can be installed right on top of the existing roofs through a process called a roof over. Mobile home roof overs are typically more affordable than full roof replacement because removing the current roof is a labor- and time-intensive task. 

However, you may need to have full roof replacement performed if your mobile home cannot support the weight of your current roof combined with the weight of the new roof. 

For example, if your mobile home is currently equipped with an asphalt shingle roof, then you likely need complete roof replacement instead of a roof over because most mobile homes cannot support the weight of more than one layer of these shingles. 

Your roof expert can help you decide whether a full roof replacement or a roof over is a better option for your mobile home after determining how much weight your home’s frame can support and if the weight of your new roof will exceed this limit. 

Pitched or Flat Roof

When you replace your mobile home roof or have it covered in a roof over, you have the opportunity to change your roof shape, if desired. 

While many mobile homes are equipped with flat roofs, flat roofs are not ideal for homes located in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Rainwater can pool on top of a flat roof, especially if the roof is older and not as level as it once was.

This pooling water can corrode and rust a metal roof over time, and eventually, pooled water can seep through corroded areas of the roof and into your mobile home. Snow can also accumulate on the surface of a flat roof, and if this snow accumulation becomes too heavy, the roof can eventually collapse under this heavy weight.

Construction experts in the Pacific Northwest recommend roofs with relatively steep pitches that range from 4/12 to 8/12. Snow and rain tend to slide off steeply pitched roofs quickly, which prevents water pooling and snow accumulation that can take a toll on the roof over time. 

Your roofing expert can install the roof framing needed to change your flat roof into a pitched roof right on top of your current roof when performing a roof over. If your mobile home cannot support the weight of the additional roof trusses needed to turn your flat roof into a pitched one, then opt for a self-supported mobile home roof that is supported with additional weight-bearing posts that are installed along the perimeter of your home. 

Roof Material

Several lightweight roof materials are on the market today and work well on most mobile homes. These include:

  • Metal. Metal is a popular mobile home roof material for many reasons — metal roofs are energy-efficient, lightweight, and durable. Add a layer of insulation under your metal roof to prolong roof life and energy efficiency. 
  • Rubber. Seamless rubber roofing is an affordable roof over option that can be installed quickly by coating your existing roof with a thick layer of liquid rubber and then allowing it to dry. Rubber roofing is naturally waterproof and resistant to impact damage when properly installed. 
  • Membrane. This is another affordable option. For membrane roofs, thin sheets of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), thermoplastic olyolefin (TPO), or ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) are bonded to the original roof. All three materials create a watertight seal to prevent roof leaks, although they vary all slightly in composition and longevity. 
  • Asphalt shingles. A layer of asphalt or composition shingles can be applied to a pitched mobile home roof. However, since even lightweight shingles tend to be much heavier than other mobile home roof material options, old shingles should always be removed before adding a new shingle layer. 

Some people report a phenomenon called roof rumble when living in mobile homes equipped with metal roofs. This phenomena occurs when wind enters small gaps under a metal roof and creates a whistling noise as it blows into them. Seal the seams and edges of your metal roof and add an elastomeric roof coating to it to prevent this common problem. 

If you own a mobile home, you have many mobile home roof replacement options that suit every homeowner’s needs and budget. Contact the mobile home roof experts at the Roof Doctor for all of your mobile home roof repair and replacement needs today.

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    I like that you explained everything in detail. Thanks for the great advice!


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    Amilia Shaw


    I’m gad you made the point baout the climate of where the home is located being important. Some people don’t always consider the geographical climate when replacing their roof.


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    Tom Smith


    Water and snow accumulation on the roof is no joke. We had a customer last winter who had their roof cave in because of the weight from the snow. Just like you’ve done here, we try to educate customers on the pros and cons of different roof styles so they’re aware of what can happen before they make a decision.


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What Our Clients Say

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