How to Maximize the Benefits of a Roof Renovation Project

If you plan to renovate or replace your roof, carefully proceed so that you don’t suffer regrets during or after the project. The following are some measures you can take to increase your chances of satisfaction with your new roof.

Plan the Project

A renovation project is not an emergency project that you just wake up one day and execute. You need to plan the project properly to get the best roof for your home at a reasonable budget. For example, you should plan your roofing project for the slow season — winter through early summer —when roofing contractors are not that busy. You may snag a discount if you slot in your project during the slow season.

Without a good plan, you can end up with a bloated roofing budget that you could have avoided. For example, your renovation budget may shoot through the roof if you schedule the project during the storm season when roofing contractors are busy with repair work.

Communicate Your Needs in Detail

When you are on the market for a roofing contractor, communicate your needs clearly to get the best quotes. Roofing materials, just like other construction materials, are available in various qualities. You must specify, for example, the type of quality of gutters you want. Otherwise, the actual roofing cost might surprise you when the real work begins.

Get a Written Contract

After you get your roofing quotes and choose a contractor, ensure you get a written contract before the work begins. The contract should contain things like:

  • The scope of the work (for example, does the work include gutters?)
  • The projected commencement and end dates for the project
  • Labor and materials costs
  • Proof of contractor’s license
  • The exact nature of the materials the contractor will use

The contract protects both you and the contractor, so any professional contractor will also insist on a written contract. Just make sure you ask questions and get clarifications on everything before you sign.

Get an Emergency Budget

An old roof may have hidden damages that you might not notice until you tear down the roof. Keep the risk of hidden damages in mind when you get roofing estimates or sign a roof replacement contract. For example, a roof teardown may reveal damaged roof support that you didn’t know about before.

Therefore, have a budget that is slightly above the replacement budget before you commit to the project. The extra money will come in handy if the contractor unearths hidden damage after they tear down the roof.

Consider an Upgrade

You roof replacement material doesn’t have to be the same as the material that is currently on the roof. If you currently have asphalt shingles on the roof, you don’t have to use asphalt shingles for the replacement. Consider alternative roofing materials or an upgrade.

Ask the roofer about the pros and cons of the alternative materials in your area to help you decide. You can even convert a flat roof to a pitched roof (or vice versa) if you so desire.

Don’t Ignore Maintenance Issues

Lastly, don’t just focus on the initial cost of the roof when you decide the type of roof you want. Consider the maintenance practices various roof designs and materials require. The maintenance cost will add to the true cost of ownership of your chosen roof. For example, flat roof typically requires more intensive maintenance than pitched roofs.

A-1 Roofing Inc. has skilled and experienced roofers who can give you the exact roof you need. Talk to us for all your roofing needs, and we will help you plan a cost-effective renovation project.

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What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

  • "I came back to my house a week after completion. The grounds were very clean, my roof looked great, and you were very helpful, courteous, and quick to return phone calls (very important).
    Great Job!"

    -George L., Shelton, WA

  • "I would first like to sincerely thank you for the wonderful job your crew did! Your kindness and professionalism will stay with me for a long time."

    -Jessica P., Olympia, WA

  • "Giving the best customer service when it was desperately needed to find a roof leak that’s bothered us for months! We are so grateful to say “no more” leaks after the big wind and rainstorm! We thank you for your caring to solve this terrible problem. You are great to work with! We are so glad we chose you and your company to put on our roof."

    -Cal & P.J. S., Olympia, WA

  • "Thank you for doing such a great job and getting it done so quickly! Also thank you for cleaning up so well. Your crew cleaned up some of the debris that was at my house before they arrived (leaves and twigs on the sidewalk, etc.)."

    -Patty D., Shelton, WA

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