5 Little-Known Benefits of Bi-Annual Roof Cleanings

Roof professionals advise all homeowners to have their roofs cleaned professionally twice a year. However, many homeowners neglect these roof cleanings because they do not understand all of the benefits of keeping a roof clean. 

Read on to learn five little-known benefits of regular roof cleanings. 

1. Discourage Moss Growth

Moss growth can wreak havoc on a roof. Moss holds onto moisture that can cause roof decay. This roof decay can become so severe it leads to holes in the roof or other extreme roof structural damage. 

It can be difficult to prevent moss growth on a roof altogether because moss is such a hearty plant. Moss frequently grows on trees and other surfaces near a roof. When wind hits this moss, it can blow moss spores onto a roof where the moss then begins to grow and flourish. 

Thankfully, promptly removing moss that does begin to grow on a roof can prevent much of the moisture damage it can cause. Roof cleaning professionals remove moss with cleaning solutions that kill and remove moss before it causes roof decay. 

2. Remove Debris That Can Clog Gutters

Other debris, such as leaves and twigs that fall from the branches of trees that lie near your roof, can wreak havoc on your roof if this debris is not removed promptly. This debris also hold onto moisture that can cause roof decay.

However, unlike moss that actually grows on your roof and is rarely rinsed off by rain, these other debris can travel from your roof into your gutter system during a heavy rainfall. Once in the gutter system, they can form clogs.

In the winter, clogged gutters can lead to ice dam development that causes water to pool on your roof. Pooled water can damage your roof and seep into your home. This water seepage can then damage your ceilings, walls, and many other components of your home. 

Clogged gutters can also lead to water damage that affects your home’s siding and foundation year-round because gutters cannot perform their vital function of directing rainwater to your downspouts and away from your home when they are clogged.

3. Prevent Pest and Wildlife Damage

Many types of pests are attracted to roofs covered in debris, including raccoons and insects. These pests cannot only damage the roof itself, but they can also eat or burrow through the roof and begin an infestation inside of your home. Keeping your roof clean and free from debris is the best way to keep pests from building their nests on your roof and potentially harming it. 

In addition, local wildlife, including birds, can leave their droppings on your roof after these animals fly overhead or build nests in your roof. 

Bird droppings contain uric acid. This acid is so strong that it can eat away concrete. It can also cause extensive roof damage by dissolving roof materials. The longer this acid is left in place before it is cleaned off, the more damage it can cause.

Bird droppings often also contain undigested plant seeds that can actually sprout and grow into a plant if the seed becomes embedded in moist debris on your roof. The plant roots can then travel into your roof and create even more damage. Having your roof cleaned on a regular basis can prevent the damage that bird droppings can cause. 

4. Remove Roof-Damaging Environmental Pollutants

One type of air pollution is called particle pollution. Examples of particle pollution include soot, dust, and smoke. These particles can settle on your roof when the air is polluted. Depending on the specific components of the particle pollution that builds up on your roof, these contaminants cannot only lead to your roof appearing non-uniformly dark in color, but they may also stain your roof over time. 

In addition, acid rain that falls on your roof can dry out your roofing materials, leading to cracked shingles and other forms of roof deterioration. While you cannot keep acid rain from falling on your roof, you can have the pollution it leaves behind cleaned from your roof on a regular basis to limit the damage it causes. 

5. Locate Roof Problems Before They Worsen

When a roof is covered with moss, pollution, and debris, you may not be able to spot deeper roof damage. When you have your roof cleaned by a roofing professional, they can perform a full roof inspection during and after the cleaning process.

They can then recommend proper repair of any small roof problems, such as missing shingles or small roof cracks, before these problems progress. If you catch these problems early, you may not need more extensive roof repairs or full roof replacement. 

If you don’t have your roof cleaned twice-a-year as roof professionals recommend, then you may not realize that keeping your roof clean has so many benefits. While you can clean your own roof, this task can be very hazardous. You can easily damage your roof if you use a pressure washer to clean it incorrectly or use a cleaning solution incompatible with your roof materials.

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    Great article! Locating the problem before it gets worse is crucial and could save a lot of time and money!


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    Taylor Hansen


    I like how you mentioned cleaning your roof so there won’t be any bird droppings that eat away at the concrete. My roof is looking pretty disgusting right now and I think it’s time for a good cleaning. I’ll have to call a roofer to set up regular times for them to clean my roof.


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What Our Clients Say

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